Dearest Emma,

We had to spend another Christmas without  you, our second and both of us found it really hard at times, knowing you were getting to an age where you would have some understanding of at least what a present might mean.

You may not understand the whole Santa thing but presents you would have.

Your father and I stuff to our now family tradition, since both of us as children on Christmas day had to visit family when all we wanted to do was stay home and play with our toys. We decided not so long ago that with you we would stay home Christmas day. SO that is what we almost did,

I will tell you about our day, I set the alarm for 7am so that your father and I could exchange presents, which we did, daddy loved his batmen by the way and my theme this year was Wonder Woman which I was happy with since she is my new super hero. while we drank our coffees.


Once the present and coffee were done we got ready to visit you. We were hoping Mac Donalds were open no such luck it was 7/11 for  Breakfast on the way to your look out.

When we got there, there was only an old man walking his dog which was good we don’t like to be uninterrupted when we visit.We placed all your present together making sure you could see each one clearly and just sat talking to you while you bear sang to us different songs

We returned home and I cooked us a baked pork and Turkey Breast late lunch, while you daddy did his usual Christmas day activity


We just relaxed for the rest of the day and ate, while doing our own thing reflecting on what Christmas means to us without you in it.


Yesterday we went to your grandparents place for lunch your Uncle Gary, Aunty Helen, Amy and Benny were there. Gary, Helen, Amy and Benny gave your father and I the best Christmas present they ever could give us, $30 donated to  SIDS. That gift alone means more to us than any other gift could mean. It also means the world to us that Family still include you in their lives, it shows that they miss you just as much as we do and that they had hope and dreams to have you in their families lives as well. That at this age both Amy and Benny would have played with you even though you wouldn’t have been quiet yet 2. Though Amy and Benny will never know you, your short life will still be remembered by them because of their parents



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