Dear Emma,


This will be our second Christmas without you and it just as hard on the both of us. I have purchased your Christmas presents but it is just not the same as if you were here.

Santa would be spoiling you this year as you would have an understanding of what the gifts mean. You would be running around and your father would be chasing you. its 7.30 am and you would be awake in your cot calling out to your daddy because you would have been a daddy’s girl. You would have loved me but you would have have a special place in your heart for your father.

Because I am awake I would have taken you to your daddy where you would have jumped all over him giving him sloppy kisses wanting to start your day with him. Your day would have consisted of breakfast of our usual weekend meal of either pancakes or bacon and eggs. Your favorite would have been pancakes. Then because you are daddy’s girl you would have wanted him to dress you in your favorite batman outfit and wanted your daddy to play tea parties with you, which he would happily sat there all day playing with you because you were everything to him.

After you got bored your Daddy would have taken you outside to play for a while so that you could get some sun before it got to hot, then maybe a nap would be in order before lunch because you are starting to get cranky but instead of your bed it would have been ours where you wouldn’t have gone to without your daddy your favorite toy.

After nap and lunch it would have been movie time where you would have watched finding Dory while cuddled up to your daddy. Then daddy would have played some PS4 and you happily sat in his lap for hours because you would not want to be any where else.


Instead we have to get ready to spend another Christmas without you


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